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Developers get my IMVU Textures Here

Want to see some of my products close up, or find me for a chat, or just say hi? Then the best place is to look in my public rooms! My rooms are loaded with furniture from my catalogue, so give them plenty of time to load. My rooms are GA so dress and act appropriately! My rooms are listed at the bottom of this page so keep scrolling :P

Developer Texture Art Sale's

500 Hair Textures FREE SAMPLES

IMVU Content Creators, don't fret over making top quality textures for your IMVU projects. Buy mine! The EASY 123 developing solution. Many FREE samples and creating tutorials. 4u's Creator Help Site


Hi ! Welcome to my page!.

4u Public Rooms, the single best was to checkout my rooms and furniture is to have a look up close! My rooms are particle and furniture intense so allow time to load. My rooms are best viewed in 3dDirect graphics. Link should open the room in the client, if they don't you properly have popup's from IMVU blocked. Rooms are HUGE so allow time to load, right click on room when your and and select "View Contents "
  • Red Rubys Love Club Red furniture range for valentines day  imvu://room/4u/Red+Rubys
  • Chillout Lounge Club 4u Easy beat house/ electro music, dance, chat and mingle with singles. Ibiza club radio. ALL welcome! developer chat and parking.  imvu://room/4u/Chillout+Lounge+Club+4u
  • Club Bar 4u Small club bar designed for phone users. Chat, dance, flirt, meet new friends. Chill out relax and get into the grooveimvu://room/4u/Club+Bar+4u
  • Club Interactive Club room designed to hang lights up, and party  imvu://room/4u/Club+Interactive
  • Chillout Ice Bar Icy crystalline club with its own furniture range. imvu://room/4u/Chillout+Ice+Bar
  • Amsterdam Coffee Shop Access pass room featuring deregulated marijuana themed products. imvu://room/4u/Amsterdam+Coffee+Shop
  • Blue Moon Pavilion Club Multiple trigger club particles and unique popping products. imvu://room/4u/Blue+Moon+Pavilion+Club
  • Magical Place For You Relax and meditate in my sparkle wonderland.  imvu://room/4u/Magical+Place+4u
  • Christmas 4u New Christmas and winter products for 2017 by 4u  imvu://room/4u/Christmas+4u
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Help Yourself ! just click " Request Badge" below and get my badges instantly!

Badges are free however they do cost me a lot of credits, nearly a million credits in fact. If you want to help me out with this then simply add a few of my items to your wish list. Select some now click here

Did you know that I have many accounts on here? 4u is the only account I chat on, but I make a wide selection of products that you wont find on 4u! So if you cant find what you want here.. I properly have it on an Alt!

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Plants Furniture

Make SURE you add me as a Buddy! I run Pulse contests all the time! I want to make your IMVU more FUN! You support me and I will support you.

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Developing Questions

Being a developer here is easier than you think! saying that, being a good developer here is properly harder than you think!

I started developing in January 2007. I knew how to use Photoshop a little and and had watched ppl making webpages. I think my most proud moment on IMVU was when I finally worked out how to change my homepage background!. The first item you make will be the hardest, because making it is only 1 part of about 10 you need to do. The actual deriving part is easy, then you need to submit your product to IMVU and get it to show up in the catalog. However once you get the hang of this its relatively easy depending on what products you make. Since I'm still very much learning myself I think the best thing I can do to help anyone is just give you some links to some really helpful and experienced IMVU users. Recently I have put together some textures for hair, it takes the guess work out of how to make, or what kind of graphics will look good o imvu, you just change to what colours you like and submit to the catalogue! nice and easy.. But I pinch ya $25 for my effort ;P Download my hair textures

All developing questions should go in the Content Creator forums

Learn To Develop Start Here

YouTube Movies

Google Search

There are many many others as well, these are just ones that I have used, or have inspired me. 95% of what I have needed to learn though has come from myself just diving in and giving it ago and trying to work things out myself, IMVU have it all setup to make things as easy as possible, sort of like redoing your home page, takes a bit of time at first, but then it becomes easy. If someone tells you how to do something you forget it in 30 minutes where as if you work it out yourself you never forget.

And before you make anything ask yourself the most important question: How are you going to promote your products?

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