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Hi! Ish abie.
Ish wub creating and and tini wif mesh, playn wif ♥Me Besties DesMesh♥'s! Shes funni! I tan besh berres shys. Ish tats menis peopl. Ish donts frnds strgrs. Ish bewebe wife shrts enhy it. :)
well dat somf tint abt me giggle.

Des are me clowth frwnds. I ish shy. I hab fwends but not close ones. SO me only wist me close fwends. :)

♥Me Besties DesMesh♥'s
Shez da bestie fwend. Shei Maki me laugh. Ish wub me Besties. Seh a good devloper to.
Shei da besti wadi. she frwendly. She funni somtwin to. I honored to coll her me fwend.
Shei a smari wadi. shei hep me somtwiz when ish get stuck dwon somfin. I tank her eberday she nice.
ish dont knowi her welz but shei me besties mommi.:) Ifi somi bulli me shei saz invit herr shei kix dar butt!

Check out my Besties DesMesh Catalog :)

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