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Hiii, i'm off and on imvu, sry if i don't reply quickly :)
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* I'm currently retired from developing on imvu. Developing on my art/graphics and music (real life) Still in love with creating ^_^ - Insta.G: Gabrielle.Rocks :)

Thanks for any nice comments, sorry if I didn't reply quickly, I'm not on here as regular.

* I can't answer your questions/comment if your messages are set for "friends only"
* No threatful comments, or you will be Reported and Blocked
* No begging,
* I'm only Friending people at this time that I can call a Real friend.

Life Advise: Don't wait for your dreams to "magically" appear, practice and go for it! Nobody has it right the first time, but keep at it, you got to start somewhere.
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