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Avatar since: 29/09/2005

Age: 26
United States - MD
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Too broke to keep up with the style
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting


Name: Courtney
Status: Married IRL ♥ 12/20/11
Bday: 10/10/1993
Education: College
Avatar Since: 9/29/05

LOL I QUIT AGAIN OKAY? You all have huge heads, big hairstyles, tiny twig bodies and pegs for feet. And none of you realize how constipated your avatars look. This place used to be fun but all of my friends left years ago and I see why. It pained me to make my avatar look like the rest of yours so people would shut the hell up when I tried talking to them. Quit messaging me too omg. Unless you want to somehow pay me like real money for my name, quit asking for it.

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