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About me

My main interests are Anime, RPGs/MMORPGs and Teen Titans O_o i maybe 18 but i still love my cartoons ^_^ and in some other ways i guess im still a big kid at heart.

I have a rather outgoing personality and my GF always says im moody but in a nice way, i guess people just have to know me to understand my moody ways are attually not hurtfully intended but its just nice and ofcourse the way i am ^_^

I also love raven from TeenTitans and Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade ^_^ well my hun has a few Jpop singers she drools over lol. why cant i have mine.

Last but not least i have to tell everyone who reads this that i love my hunny (SweetAngelAoi) and one day we will get married because we were meant to be together.

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Extra info

-I write poems, prepare to get emotional if you read one
-Born on Christmas Day LMAO
-Web site and forum designer
-RPG designer (mainly 2D or 2/3D - cross between the 2 if you dont know what that means)
-Anime fanatic
-DDR/ITG pro lol
-Minature Model Painter
-Photoshop and Quark Pro (both are used for magazine development, well for me anyways lol)
-Loves music, Rock to Heavy metal all the way to Classical
-Weird that people tell me 'im alittle of everything' .(referred as the only demon with feelings)O_o
-Lol im a smoker (smokers are nice too ^_^)
-Loves hugs, (i just love giving them)
-A big shout out to all the people who came to my page *U RULE* ^_^

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Whats been going on?

OMG latly alot more people have been comming onto my page and being so lovly to me by their comments and gifts, i just dont know what to do with myself. I love all my gifts but i need to give gifts back to show how much they mean to me, but i dont have anlot of free creds to do so. Im just so overwelmed with all of this. I went to bed early the other night as i was really tired after doing a map for my m8 for his RPG. Then when i wake up and come on my page on IMVU, my page got flooded with all these lovly people *glomps*. I love you all but the truth is that i will have to love my hunny even more because she is so special. She is world that i revolve around, every day of my life.
Again im just so shocked with all these lovly poeple, i just dont know how to show you all how much you have all meant to me. Maybe alittle if you read this but i would feel even better if i was able to repay your kindness. I just love you all ~_^

A poem for my hunny

Put together the earth and the sky,
I'll love you that much until I die.
Id give you the universe if it were mine,
To prove my love till the end of time.
Id find the rainbow at its end,
Then find the gold and to you send.
Id swim the seven seas to be,
At your side for eternity.
Love me long and love me true,
And forever I will be here for you.
Together we could live forever,
As there is no such word as never.
Oceans deep and oceans wide,
Forever together side by side.
While theres sea and while theres sky,
Then to your side I will always fly.
I hope that one day soon youll see,
That deep inside that you love me.

New Stuff!

Here are some star stickers that you can buy right now, yes the picture shows them to be too big but they are alot smaller and more neat.

I also thought it would be a good idea to get another cute sticker and only give it to those who are on my friend list and for people who are nice enough to keep comming back onto my page ^_^

I have also made a few lines to break up text or images, anything you want. They come in different colours

Shout outs!
You people rock ^_^

sexy hunny bun *smoochies*

For being so very nice and being sweet to my hunny ^_^


Just for being so cool

Such a cutie ~_^!


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Its not nice to find iv added you as a friend and you havent done the same :( and if i have done the same let me know.

Add me and im sure i'll add you ^_^

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The dreams iv had of dying, are the best iv ever had!

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Ma wishlist
I love stickers, im sure you can tell which ones i like by looking my page, but suprise me ~_^
Spiked Wristband - LeftSpiked Wristband - RightRider Gloves BlackFacial Bandana in Blackspacer

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