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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicSO! El Nombre es Jason K. W. iM 19 yrs old & iLive in San Diego, Ca. Add me, or invite me to chat. Most times iAccept, given you don't look TOO nooby lol. Buht yeah iExcept everyone. SoO ok, iLove drawing, talking, writing, texting, listening to muzik, dancing, singing, reading, freakin' video games! & laughing. & if you invite me don't be boring cuhz iLl tell you iGotta go wash my dog. & iDont even have pets lol. iHave instruments though, which iPlay. iPlay percussion, keyboard & violin. iM Adv. at drums, Med. at keyboard, & Beg. at violin. iMa pretty goOd listener so come chat my eyes off. [translation: talk my ears off lol] So yeahh hit me up foo :) iM waiting... :/ like freakin' gettin' old here, UGH! C'mon :D

Yo miro para las chicas graciosas, bonitas y divertidas. Latezzz :)

Dyamond♥, a grape, binary watches, Html, UFC, chicken, bands, FSport, dictionary, Soccer, An Apple, Grand Prix, madden, 10s, and whatever else, lol
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[R] Street Dance V.22G3. RUBY /SILVERA| Rusty BlazerCiity| Polo Top v.2[PM] Gray-Suit L.L P-9
[CA] Just A Polo.. #2V'Spain Polo (Bred)[LC]RVC Gray Pant[LC]New Obey Pant[LC]Denim Die Jean.
Rasta Tank M.[LC]Louis Vuitton VIIJJ| Grey Low Topsspacerspacer
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