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What every girl wants is... A guy that accepts her idiosyncrasies , genuinely believes that she is beautiful even when she doesn't, and that loves her unconditionally... A guy worth loving.

Our Winter Wonderland
Veiled clouds float ever so slowly through a starlit sky,
As the glistening moon smiles down with a curious invitation. The crisp winter chill challenges us dauntlessly,
Though our burning desire leaves shivers unnoticed.
Thirst for adventure brings us closest to nature's soul;
Our pace quickens as we feel the pull.
Supported by a blanket of snow smoothed flat,
Our bodies become intertwined,
Like a moonflower in pursuit of an eerie glow.
We gaze into eachother's eyes,
And sense eachother's thoughts.
Lips meet, sweet and gentle,
And our first kiss lingers.
Tenderness soon meets urgency.
Unmasked desire molds our bodies into one,
As the crisp winter night gently fades away,
And takes with it the snow of yesterday.

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