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29 | AQUARIUS . CANCER. GEMINI | MARRIED | IN, USA OΨ Mystic #11, Co-Founder

My name is Haley, but you can call me "Hae" - I am based out of Indianapolis, IN and I have been on IMVU for 10+ years! On the IMVU platform I create icons, banners, soapboxes and so much more. Icons are my favorite thing to create! (The tabs up top will lead you to my shop on Art Haven "Aqcage" and the Discord will add you to my Aqcage Discord server.) In addition, I also lend my graphic design skills to the IMVU community as I work with platform-based organizations in both the IMVU Greek community as well as brand overhauls for catalog users. Real life wise I am a web project manager for a major US publishing company as well as a astrologist and tarot reader. °✦ ( ͡❛ ⏥ ͡❛)
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