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Puerto Rico
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I will tell my pandas to hug you!!!!
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Better Quality Pic Lol Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hi! I'm Mikey I live in Puerto Rico, I'm 17 years old and I like pandas. I'm a pretty sweet guy you just gotta avoid getting me mad wich is hard so don't worry :) I'm Bi noticed not long ago but I'm more on the straight side sorry guys. I have lots of friends wich they are awesome I don't know what I'll do without them so yeah. I like all kinds of music so no worries. I hate math makes me cry every time I see a mathematic problem. For some reason I am really obsessed for emo people lol. I like to chat butplease if you're gonna IM me please have something to say -.- and please don't say what's up lol is tiring :) Feel free to add me anytime and if u IM me and don't accept or time out I'm sorry :( Means that I'm doing something. I enjoy dancing reggaeton even if I hate it lol. My fav colors is red, blue, pink, white and purple. I like comedy and horror movie I hate drama. I don't read books, I like anime. Well if you wanna get to know me better feel free to IM me any time hehe. =]

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