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Salut, konnichiwa, hello, hola

My interest ~~> Manga, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, stroll, laugther, go out with the friends, music, ...chattons, le string => de guerre, PETTER *-*

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(Ð) Glam Blonde ~Hikaru[Avril's aya hair][MT] Full Outfit 10-tx- 4carsp[mlp] Skully Bermudas
{E}Diam's de NezBark kairi{T}kitty kitty{T}eyeore stampAna - Oracle
[ACS] LIQUID BROWN EYESPrincess Horse Ridingspacerspacerspacer
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My favorite friend in imvu. I was think that girls so search a bf in this site.But one day, i meet my Choupi, she's so kind, sincere, generous and beautiful.I will never forget you. I <3 YOU
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