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"Greetings M\'lord\'s and lady\'s"

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This chick rocks my socks, not only is she one of IMVU's best developers but she's always there. She's a pillar of strength and a beam of sunshine that touchs the inner regions of your heart and warms them. She makes others smile and feel great. For that gorgeous I thank you, especially for choosing to be my friend.

This man is one of the best friends someone could hope for. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he’s just one gorgeous soul.
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These are not here because I want people to give them to me they are just things I am saving up to get.
P; Sinner Pantsρ Double Hoodie v4(JD)MonsterHighHeels{D} Monster High Head*OF* Besan Black Oo
SKEllZoo Top o.OSkelanimal Kyuubi ShirtSkelanimal Dress :3Fame's*SkelanimalGothTopskelanimal school top
!Emo Skelanimals jeansBall Ruiner Purple! Kely : HeelsThe Blue HairPhylicia Blue Black

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