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"*Sexy sisters, inseparable*"

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Hellow my dear visitors! I'm Jolien, 24 years old. The most important thing you should know is: I love dancing!! I love the lvn-family so don't mess with them! My hobbies are dancing, (of course) drawing, do stuff with my friends (movie, go out, pub,go shopping,..) Well you can always contact me and get to know me better, not gonna write out my whole life over here =) P.S. One rule I wanna put here since it's kinda necessary.. If you want to be my friend, first get to know me. Message me, chat with me, but don't just add me as a friend. I just cut out more then the half of my friendlist so if your still in there you do mean a lot to me or I want to get to know you better. I got a bunch of great friends that I know for some time now and they're irreplaceable!

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My top ten of buddies, love them so much! Also I got very good friends who aren't in it or even in my buddy list===Lvn family!! Mwuaaaah I made a shop in the forum yay! I'll post a bit of the stuff I made. Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket This one is done by myself for my little sister who's sitting before me ^.^ I will be your guardian angel Wohooo some new avi art made by Marky, I so lub it sweet! Photobucket Avi art done by Nymphy Photobucket also done by Nymphy Photobucket
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Hello there stranger! Or maybe not ^.^ Don't forget to leave me a message that would be nice, I love to read messages and reply, this is most likely also the first thing you do to get in touch with people so oh well haha blabla I'll be quiet and let you enjoy..
This are some good developpers who make sexy things! You surrely should check them out and you will find some pretty stuff :)
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Thanks to everyone who is helping me making this a little shorter =) I know it's very long and I feel ashamed of it..
JL. Morgan Skirt IIIJL. Yena Bustier : IJL. Yena Bustier : IIJL. Yena Bustier : VII:e Sienna 4
:e the LIFE album 2.Brielle Wig Brown(Ð) Frosina Beach Blonde(Ð) Louisa Chocolate(Ð) Blinn Copper Blonde
(Ð) Frosina CopperBlonde!Baja Halter Top: White!KatSkratch Top :Black!Hannah Outfit 1:Muse!Nautical Stripe Dress
!QA! STARFLAKE !PP!*QA* EVE *BR**QA* COMET *W*[T] ZOEY Dress Royal GAspacer

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